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Please contact with Credible and useful information only. Do not email theories or feeling as we already have many of these ourselves.  Do not email your sadness or motivating thoughts.  If you want to contribute and have ideas, please followup, investigate,and if you find anything then let us know. 





Edmond is a student at Encore flight school in Van Nuys.  His instructor name was Jason glazer.  The instructor was a master pilot for many years.  The flight took off Van Nuys on the 28th Saturday.  Arrived at Catalina and from the pictures is ntoed that Edmond was at Cataliana Island at 12:37PM.  The control tower saw the plane land and confirmed that the 2 people were on the Catalina.  Although we were told that he was sited taking off Catalina there is some information which may or may not be correct that the radar does not show the plane taking off.  There are other possible information that it went toward long beach and disappaered 7 miles south west of long beach.  LAPD indicated that the radar then showed something 5 miles away from Catalina.  For some reason the signal from the plane can not be seen when leaving Catalina but its clear that they see it going to Catalina.

Tail nubmer is on the 3rd picture. Cessna 172 with tail number N739ZE.

Edmond did not take his wallet with him and left it in his car for some reason.

He did have plans for the evening so we know he was planning to return home that day.  We think that the instructor was flying the plane back.  Also aircraft was not the usual aircraft that Edmond used as this had a larger fuel capacity.

signals from a plane were picked up at this location 33.729040,-117.548121.  Althought our privae choper found the signal, it then disappaered 2 hours later. our chopper went back and could not find anything in that location. 

The pilot instructor flying with Edmond was Jason Glazier.

Click the link for Jasons pictures.  The wife of Jason Glazier Juliet Glazier dies 2 weeks after the disappearance.  We have a reason to suspect MAZATLAN MEXICO if Edmond was abducted.  Jason Glazier has a history of connection with Mazatlan Mexico.

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